WE BELIEVE in the family unit as the irreplaceable basis of a strong and stable society and that strong families lead to strong communities
WE BELIEVE in maximising the rights and freedoms of the local community and the individual to govern themselves through the decentralisation of decision-making within the federalist system created by the Australian Constitution.
WE BELIEVE in the balanced development of our economy and the decentralisation of population and services to achieve the full growth potential of regional South Australia.
WE BELIEVE that security of property rights, lower rates of taxation and minimal government intrusion in the economy and industry offers the best means to achieve economic prosperity.
WE BELIEVE in practical environmental conservation based on the principal of active management of land, water and other resources by those that know it best. Farmers, fishermen, shooters and other interested stakeholders.
WE BELIEVE that freedom of the press, speech, association, assembly and conscience are the pillars of a free, fair and just society.
WE BELIEVE that all Australians should foster a spirit of national pride and common Australian identity united as one people under one flag as one country.
WE BELIEVE that the constitutional monarchy is a rich and practical heritage which respects our history and provides the foundation for stable government under the system of Westminster parliamentary democracy.
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