As a fourth generation Mallee Farmer Rachel Titley rates policies around agriculture for the state and this region as especially close to her heart. “The future of Primary Industries is of paramount concern to the SA Nationals. We will continue to advocate for the 90% of Primary Producers who feel let down by ‘niche’ and ‘tailored’ marketing and investments of the current State Government,” Rachel said.

“2014 is the ‘Year of the Family Farm’. Approximately 25% of constituents in the electorate of Hammond are directly employed in Primary Industry Enterprises – many of these are family farming enterprises.  In addition many more people are indirectly employed in service sectors including transport and ‘down-stream’ food processing,” Rachel enthuses.

In addition many more are indirectly employed in the region with food processing, transport and other service sectors.

“Additional practical, therapeutic and financial support programs are required to equip current and future generations of farmers. We will ensure funding for our Department of Primary Industry and Resources SA (PIRSA) is stabilised, and we are totally committed to pursuing additional funding for additional positions and programs to support our farming families over the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond”.

The facts are this region grows*:

  • 50% of SA’s potatoes
  • 50% of SA’s onions
  • 35% of SA’s carrots
  • 60% of SA’s olives
  • 70% of SA’s pork
  • 80% of SA’s mushrooms
  • 50% of SA’s poultry meat

Further; this region produces*:

  • 30% of SA’s milk supply
  • has the state’s largest beef / mutton / lamb processing plant (Thomas Foods International) in the state and
  • the state’s largest pork processor (Big River Pork)
  • the largest cheese processor (Jervois cheese)

(*Source Regional Development Australia.)

“Export potential in the region is untapped and currently hindered by too much bureaucracy and red tape. We (The Nationals) would like to see business free to thrive and will advocate for more authority for Local Government so that the excessive time delays currently incurred by business are reduced,” Rachel said.

“The state planning process is currently archaic, slow, awkward and bureaucratic. Infrastructure needs a massive injection of funding and a new approach” Rachel stated. “We support Regional Development Australia’s (RDA) concept of ‘precincts’: where a concentration of critical mass shares the costs (eg $2m gas outlet or $100k 3-phase-power connection) at industry hubs such as Tepko and Jervois.”  Rachel advocates.

When asked about the future role of Regional Development Australia Rachel stated “we will reinvest state monies into this vital link in the chain between investors – who are both local and overseas – and future regional prosperity. The current state government has withdrawn funding to the seven South Australian RDA’s and has not committed to reinstating these funds at any time – a big mistake!”

When asked about foreign investment Rachel stated “Foreign investment is needed in industry at every link in the chain; innovation, development, production, packaging and design. Nationals are all for foreign investment – just not foreign control”.

“This government has failed agriculture on every level.  Transport – roads, rails and ports have been neglected. Our closest trading partner (Indonesia) has an average age of 32 and increased needs and wants for our incredible food and fibre products.”

“The SA Nationals are dedicated to delivering future security, opportunity and prosperity for all regional Australians, through targeted polices that focus on stronger regional economies, secure communities, a sustainable environment and the highest possible standard of living.  We also believe the future of regional Australia is critical to the future of our nation,” concluded Rachel.

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