Labor and Liberal ignoring rural concerns

Nationals candidate for Goyder,  Kim McWaters has conducted a survey of people covering a large area of Yorke Peninsula and the results are not surprising. There is broad dissatisfaction with the lack of support for rural areas from both major political parties.

The concerns being raised include roads, health, assistance for small business, environment, protection of agricultural land and a host of others. Successive governments over many years have largely ignored the rural electorates.

“South Australia needs politicians who will stand up for what is right!” was a comment from one YP resident. We need someone not bound by major party policies designed to protect the party and their reelection. People prepared to devote their time and energy to advancing the prosperity and quality of life of their communities.

There are numerous projects at present on agricultural land which threaten future use of that land and the health and safety of local residents including fracking of deep shale deposits to release gas, the Hillside mine, numerous wind farms and others. It would be prudent to put these projects on hold until it can be proven there is no
danger to existing agriculture or communities.

To this end, if elected to the seat of Goyder, I will oppose any bills granting mining licences until the affected community is satisfied there is no threat to agriculture or their wellbeing.

I will also work tirelessly to have rural roads improved, move the focus of health back to rural hospitals and eliminate the excessive and unnecessary overregulation of business. These and other policies are laid out in the Nationals policy document.
It is time we all stood up for what is right and vote for people who will protect our South Australia from the vandalism we see every day approved by our government.

A vote for me is a vote for our future. The Nationals have a strong track record of standing up for the rural communities. It is time to shift the South Australian political focus back to the country.
Don’t let bad government and big business spoil what we have. Support me in my campaign to protect Goyder.

For further comment please contact
Kim McWaters
SA Nationals candidate for Goyder
Phone: 0418 833 281