Eyre Peninsula man to contest Legislative Council election


Well known Cleve farmer Grantley Siviour has been chosen to lead the Nationals’ bid for a seat in the State Legislative Council on March 15th.

Mr. Siviour whose political association with the Nationals spans four decades, is the current State President of the Nationals, and sits on the Federal Nationals Management Committee.

His local volunteer involvement in community and sporting organisations, and passion towards the recognition and promotion of regional areas not just his own local area is well documented.

Mr. Siviour and his wife Tricia have owned wheat & sheep properties in the Cleve district for the past 20 years, after moving from the mid north where they previously share farmed. They have two adult children, and one teenager.

A current serving Councillor with the Cleve District Council, Grantley is well aware of the challenges confronting all regions in SA, not just the farming and business sector, but also local government, and  having served a term on the local Health Advisory Committee, the changing environment in health services provision, and the difficulties attracting professionals to regional areas.

Grantley is well aware of the need to support an incoming Marshall led Liberal Government, both reviewing legislative changes and policy implementation, as the upper House is the watch dog of the Parliament.

In a State which has a history of electing minor parties and independents to the upper House, Grantley hopes regional voters may see him as a sound representative in the Parliament regardless of where they live.

“The facts are, at this election there is only one regional candidate guaranteed to be elected to the 22 member upper House, and he lives in Gawler. The next most likely regional candidate to win a seat is myself, but without a solid primary base vote for the Nationals, the election of metropolitan candidates to fill the other 10 vacancies is assured” Mr. Siviour said.

“Whilst I congratulate the other couple of country candidates brave enough to contest the election, none of them are in a position to win a seat”

Mr. Siviour is asking voters to consider supporting his bid in their own interests, regardless of how they cast their vote for their local House of Assembly candidate.

“I make no promises that I can’t honour – unlike most politicians, I simply pledge that I will do my utmost to make sure rural & regional and people get their voice heard on matters of importance in the Parliament.”

Media contact: Grantley Siviour

Mobile: 0428 282 160


Release: 1_14